My Ballet Life Story

There is no picture that can describe the satisfaction feeling you get on stage and backstage. Dancing is the poetry of your soul reflected to an audience who catches feels and moves. Ballet has and is one of the perfect things to do.

“You don’t stop dancing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop dancing”

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I still remember the first time I saw a Ballerina, it was back to the old days, when I used to  spend summer afternoons with my grandmother; I was 4 years old, and we were watching tv, suddenly there she was, a ballet dancer from the Bolshoi Ballet, dancing to “The Swan Lake”; I still remember that day, I waited for my dad to get home so that I could tell him everything I did with grandma and also about the ballet video movie we saw that day. And for that moment and on, I remember my dad taking me to my first class of ballet and waiting for me after I finish.

My dad took me since little till now  to all my dance classes; I guess what I found so lovely, awesome and exciting about ballet,  was the power and message the dancer can send to the audience.That’s why I am still in love with this passionate art that enables you lose and find yourself when  you do it.

I have always been considered a girl with great skills and talent so from regular classes; my dad started paying for private lessons with one of the best ballet dancers-teacher I’ve met; I started improving more and more and also learning that ballerinas can be capable of anything, even greatness and so I started dancing to contemporary and jazz, later I also did tap.

I changed from my academy when I was 11, and I was so shy by that time that finding friends at classes was hard, but getting in the best group was the BOMB! so the girls I shared class with, were not just dance-classmates but also they turned to be family. We were the GreenTeam Family.
I thank God for the opportunities I have had since then. My ballet director, she is an amazing woman, dancer, teacher, role model to follow; she and my  awesome teacher since I was a kiddo invited me to the competition team, at first I was scared, I mean; COMPETITIONS for me meant to be exposed to an audience with judges and grades and winner and losers, so for the first competition they had I wasn’t in, and neither did the casting for the Nutcracker. I WAS REALLY SCARED ABOUT IT!

I don’t know if getting to puberty at 12 was the willing power in me that made me change my mind and so I finally agreed for private lessons, competitions, and castings.

I did great! I was in almost all competitions each year following; like, “Dance Educators of America”, “Stars of the 21st Century” and “Danza Activa”, also for the ballet castings I attended I had great roles, I didn’t care if it was a group dance, ’cause you saw the dance groups I was in with the best dancers and the ones from the National Ballet of Panama to. I did “The Nutcracker”, “Don Quixote” and “La Bayadere”.Those were the best experience I ever had because from there I met the best people I could have met and I’m so thankful about the persons, the directors, the ballerinas and everyone who was supportive about this awesome and difficult art.

I did well all these years thanks to my teachers and my father who was and is always my NUMBER 1 FAN.

Because ballet is all about the ups, the downs, the excitement of the roll-plays, the satisfaction feelings, the freedom you get on stage, the love from the audience, the music with a story to tell, all about this, is what makes it PERFECT. And because I find it as the best thing a shy girl can try, I decided that I’d like to further my education from science, philosophy and  liberal arts with a double major including Fine and Performing Arts + Business Administration.

When I was writing the essay for the admissions to college I understood that ballet and dance has and is part of my life so I needed to get a perfect combination to have it in my life.

Future is just one step closer, and college is near the corner.and I’m so excited about these, no one ever said it all is easy, but at least I want to try it and also get the best of it.

I hope you cand pursuit your dreams no matter the obstacles.

Good luck and best wishes!




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