7 Stories: The first 4

I asked some friends to collab with a project I wanted to post here! Maybe I will get to my goal, maybe not; but in the end it’s all about the ones that ask more to read .

Memories through the lens of an iphone or smartphone camera, filtered and ready to share to the world, never seems old. Since 1816, when Niépce invented the camera and captured the first world stories in the history: people, nowadays, want to do the same ’cause it’s a delight of a well spent time at a trip, date, landscape session or whatever you felt was the best.

7 different girls, 7 different stories, 7 different memories to be share in one note. Hope you like it, and spread the note.

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Friend: Isa Rodriguez ————-Ig: isabellacrb_

“Because when you stop and look around, this life, is pretty  AMAZING”

Isabella went to a family trip. She and her family wanted to go to Anton Valley, but since Holy week was in, there was a lot of cars going to the same place. So her sister commented them there was a pretty lake near by, in the start of Las Lajas. But then they found a really good spot to have some relax moments and why not some photos; San Carlos Lagoon, here in Panama. So she decided to wear a kind of a boho style outfit, wearing from head to toes Forever 21 clothe, a beautiful cardigan from Banana Republic and black vans that goes with the outfit in it. Meanwhile she and her family were walking to get to the Lagoon, they passed by the Pines Trees and so she decided to do a mini photoshoot with her smart phone (great idea, don’t you think?). She really enjoyed the mini photo shoot  but also the landscape behind her and the lagoon in it soon to be found. She totally recommends to visit it!

Thanks for all Isa!

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Friend: Katerine Arauz ————-Ig: katerin1204

“Stare. It is the way to educate your eyes. Stare, prey, listen, eavesdrop.

 Die knowing something. You are not here long”

-Walker Evans

So Kath, went to the new Mall called, AltaPlaza Mall, where she found that art is part of their architecture. She went with her mom, so she decided to wear something comfy but also stylish; and so she decided to get a Forever 21 ,from head to toes, outfit representing a very knowmad sporty style. She really liked the new Mall, and as I said before the architecture of it, inside-out was the most blownhead thing she founded. Art must be spread through, not only on social media but also in real life; so it is awesome to find Malls that embrace creativity and art.

Thanks for all Kath!

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Friend: Gimaris Bouras———— Ig: gimarisbouras

“Distance teaches us to appreciate the days that we are able to spend together, and distance teaches us the definition of patience. It is a reminder that every moment together is special, and every second together should be cherished.”

My dear friend Gimi, turned seventeen recently so she decided to spend time with her cousin in our favorite place of Panama; Casco Antiguo. She models and does great at taking photos, so her style indeed is beautiful. From head to toes, she styled herself in a boho classic outfit that goes great with the Casco vibes and temperatures in the afternoons. This one here, is a picture of her last birthday celebrated in Panama, ’cause she is leaving to study abroad to further her education. You know guys, time is precious and that’s why she wanted to spend that time of that day with her cousin who is like her sister or best friend. The graffiti wall is always a must you have to include in your photos at Casco.

We love you Gimi, Thanks for all!

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Better than a friend, My MOM!

“I, woman, am that wonderful breathing rose that blossoms in the garden of the king”

-Elsa Barker

My mom is not just a friend, she is the best, so she supports my ideas and my adventures ’cause she believes that anyone is capable of greatness. So this picture here is a throwback of 2014 Christmas, at the Floridays Hotel. That one, was our place to stay while we waited the days to get to our villas in OC, Florida. She always says that for travels comfy and cozy cloth is the best option; so she likes to wear when a trip is in her jeggins suits from Jhon’s New York and some Nike’s to do city tours. Don’t forget to always wear what you feel better with and what you really like!

Thanks for all Mom!


These are the first 4 stories of the 7 girls.

Different stages, outfits, styles, adventures behind a photo… That’s what is all about the “lush life”.

Remember you are what you decide to be.




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