7 Stories: The last 3

I wanted to share the world, 7 of the best girls I’ve met in different stages, through different situations and different phases of my life. The end of the article is here! In the first part we saw the girls with different styles where we mentioned brands of clothing and them, having a blast getting pictured with their phone.

In this last part, we’ll see different girls using art as style in different situations through different stages. #ArtsyStyle

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Girl: Kiki Santamaria. Soloist in the Nutcracker (Panama-2015)

“Please send me your last pair of shoes, worn out with dancing as you mentioned in your letter, so that I might have something to press against my heart.”

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

My girl, Kiki, I know her since we did castings for great productions with the National Ballet of Panama, she is very talented and a very awesome person you’ll like to have as friend. In 2015, she auditioned for the Nutcracker and got the honor to do as Soloist on the Spanish Dance after years of being selected as a background dancer. This role, got her emotionally full of  hope, because she started to feel she was a veteran in it,  who is taken in consideration for big roles; but most important, she felt joy and love to what she does. And then she realized that there’s no little roles at dancing and you should never get sad about being a background dancer, ’cause through little roles you get to shine and one day they will take you as an awesome artist who has improved to become a better self-copy of you as a soloist.

Thank you Kiks for telling us your story! #FrogsForever

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Girl: Carol Gonzales. Urban dancer invited to the Teleton 20-30, 2015

“Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance.” ~Author Unknown

Carolyn is a college girl who is currently studying Business Administration. Dance has always been part of her life, since little; but the genre who stole her heart is Urban Dance. She really has a flow at dancing, I can tell you, she is one of the best at urban, hip hop, tap, jazz and she even does a little of ballet too. Urban dance was invented to express and to fight people’s rights. A mix of rap culture, graffiti and djing is what she met at dancing  it.

Caro likes Urban dance because for her, it’s a mix of different styles of dances where you can show your feelings through movements; and what caught her attention of it is the different styles it has at one piece, which makes everyone pull of and make an effort at doing them. Every day of urban dancing, she has discovered new styles included into it, for example: popping, breaking, kump, waving, liquid and many others. Last  year she danced with Moyra’s Dance Company at the Telenton 20-30.

I’m really happy for your accomplishments! Go for it Carol!!


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Girl: Jacky Ching. Photo of her doing the yoga element challenge for ig.

“Mountain pose teaches us, literally, how to stand on our own two feet…. teaching us to root ourselves into the earth…. Our bodies become a connection between heaven and earth.”

-Carol Krucoff

Jacmara, is a young engineer who I know since I was a kiddo and she has always been into dancing and trying new things. When I was looking through my instagram feed I saw pictures of her trying all poses of yoga, that caught my attention because it takes time to master them. She took the february challenge to master positions. In this photo she is doing a Bound Vertical Split, which is called: Baddha Urdhava  Prasarita Eka Padasana. Doing yoga is about concentrating with everything, concentrating on these poses clears the mind, while focusing on the breathing helps the body to shift out of fight or the flight mode.

She had learned how to stand on two feet just like the mountains through practice. Yoga is a way to freedom.

Thank u Jacky!!

With these we have come to an end of our 7 stories from 7 different girls and 7 different stages. #ArtsyStyle is part of everyone’s life; not only these 7 girls but also everyone who lives a lush life!

You reading this just remember one thing: you are never too old, too wacky, too wild to keep a daily diary of your dreams, goals and accomplishments. Your life is worth living!


Bonus Story:


Girl: Sofi Brandelik

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.” ~ Tim Duncan

I know Sofia since 2010, she is from Venezuela;  and I met her when we were practicing for a track and field competition. From then and on, I’ve known she has a special talent for sports. She is really good at sports in general, but in basketball my friends, she is the best I’ve seen playing.

She collab to this article with this particular photo. She told me this one, was the game of her dreams.

Sofi was playing with her heart and venezuelan roots at this game, the qualifying rounds for the basketball world championship; a dream come true. Her team didn’t get to the championship, but for her, playing against other countries, like: USA, CANADA, COSTA RICA, PUERTO RICO and many others was a goal she achieved and a fulfilled dream. She describes it as the best experience of her life! She met a lot of people there, who still in touch with her. And that, is gaining more than just a cup; she gained experience, the honor to represent her country and got new friends.

We have no doubt you’ll get to the world championship one day!

Thank you and good luck!


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