Dear Best Friend…

Dear Best Friend;

Thank you for being real with me. 

Thank you for the things you have shared with me.

Thank you for listen to me.

Thank you for being there, when I needed you the most.

Thank you for all.

I don’t remember how we met, that day back in times in kindergarten, but I know You have been my one real best friend since elementary school.

I don’t have the words to thank you enough for all we have been through. More than a friend or a best friend, you have become a sister in my life and I am so thankful with God plans, because he put you in my life so that I could have someone to share greatness, misery, happiness, sadness, excitement and more.

We have been through ups and downs, through fights and reconciliations and most important thing is that we both know we can count on each other, no matter what.

We’ve always talked about how our grandmothers were and still friends through the decades; and we have planned to be like them, even to be godmothers of our children (some day), and to always be part of each other’s life.

College life is here and we know we might not have the same time to share as we did in High School, but that’s what I like the most;  I know I will always find support on you like I will do to you.

I will never forget our crazy days and nights of parties, our afternoons studying like nerds and the weekends we went to each other’s house. My journal is full of stories I’ve spent with you. 

Don’t forget you are the best and remember how precious you are!

I love you,

Thank you for all. 

-Letter to: Andrea Ahumada from VickyMiguelena

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

She is my best friend, when I don’t believe in myself, she already made a plan to pursue my goal; ’cause she believes in me no matter what.


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