Skinny Me…

Dear Skinny Me:

For the past months, You’ve been through an eating disorder. You were constantly disturbed about calories and had a massive fear about gaining weight and denied your body self-esteem shape. I could see you at school, eating little bites of sandwiches or any snack and when you were already at home, You weren’t even on your body or mind so You just did not eat anything but drinking water or green tea (which it’s supposed to burn calories) and somedays, you just ate some crackers, drank coffee and that was it.

They believe this all started when you talked again with the guy you  used to like. Yes, his ex girlfriend is a model, she is really tall, very slim, beautiful,and so you created  the ideas that He wouldn’t like you if you weren’t like her. Curious thing is that You were already very slim, pretty enough and had a very well body thanks to all the work You have done throughout the years doing ballet. So I believe you were sick enough, at that moment, because You thought  you were not perfect the way you are. Then everything changed. You started to believe you needed to be an extra petite girl, and you were already extra small.

And it all started to become more and more sick, because trying these is not rainbows and unicorns to feel happy with.
Trust me you don’t really want to try these “methods” just because you want to loose some pounds. Here, someone with eating disorders usually suffers from body changes that tends to dysmorphia your bodies; also your skin tends to dry (a lot, not even using body creams could take it away) plus your hair gets lost and some girls, tends to suffer from Amenorrhea; which is a symptom when the body registers a caloric deficit, so our estrogen levels drops and menstruation ceases.

 Also studying so much because of your senior year was finishing and doing  very important tests to graduate plus stress and insecurities turned to get you weak enough. Thank God, you aced those tests.


Nobody wants to live with an eating disorder. Please, if you are struggling with one, find someone to help you. Open yourself to your parents, your siblings, friends or even teachers… The opportunities to get better are countless. You will never be totally rehabilitated, and sometimes it will get harder to stay healthy,but you really have to try to stay healthy and not look back to those “solutions” 


Eating disorders are not a good ,healthy or a realistic way of losing some pounds… You will get addicted, you will harm your body and your health will decline… And guess what? The only way you can lose weight is if you die from that disorder (not fun at all ha?)


Please know that you are capable of anything even greatness and just because society has created a “perfect girl” design, doesn’t really mean you HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT, because nowadays people is changing and so are trends, so don’t take hurried decisions just because you are not “fitting” in a concept created from those brands world.



-by: VickyMiguelena


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