YSL Makeup Review

I remember reading in one blog that one of the best beauty cosmetics you could try on your skin was from the line of  Yves Saint Laurent.

And so I did! That’s why I’m doing a quick review of what I got.

The “Rouge Pour Couture” collection is just flawless! I got a new lipstick and the colour is just natural and vibrant! And so it’s one of my new favourite lipsticks to use on daily basis.

Also I got a new highlighter that gets well on your skin; really giving a radiant touch to finish your makeup.

I gotta say that the treat of the beauty artists of this line is the best!! This week, in Panama, is the beauty week for Collin’s stores, and I was buying some eyeshadows and lip liners to do my makeup late night for an event I had that day; one of the best makeup artist of Yves Saint Laurent Latin America: Alcides, started doing my makeup and so I got just stunning and I was really happy with the work he did on my face. The makeup stood flawless the rest of the night. I totally recommend on trying the line!

I’m totally buying more cosmetics from YSL



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