College CheckList

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle”

-Christian D. Larson

One month closer to August the 15th, and my parents are feeling anxious looking forward to what I’d need, what I’m taking to and what I’ll use for the next first 6 months in Missouri. So I thought it would be a great idea to do a checklist; to see what I have, what I don’t have and what I’ll need.

This first part of the note is going to be about clothing

So there is this myth that college dorms are quite little so you actually will be sharing most of the space with your roommate, yeah… including the closet.

As a girl, I would like to take all of my cloth to college, but talking to other girls who have studied abroad, I realized that most of the time you will use the same pair of jeans or even the same hoodie. I mean is all up to you and the way you usually get dress, but the recommendation I got from them was not taking more than 20 pieces.

Remember to take summer and winter gears (if you are going to a changing weather state as I will)


Main Closet

◻️ Cute casual Black dress

(optional: another causal blouson apart from the black dress)

◻️ Formal dress (pouf or a wrap dress)  for a speech/interview

◻️ 4 t-shirts (you might like to bring 1 in black, 1 in white and the other 2 is up to your colors tastes)

◻️ 3 sweaters (1 could be patterned, the other 2 are up to you)

◻️2 long sleeve sweaters (1 of them could be a turtle neck if you want)

️◻️2 jeans (ripped or blue ones; just count the one you will use for orientation as 1 of them)

◻️1 formal pant for any speech/ interview

◻ a circle skirt (if you are a girl of skirts) it can be replaced by a short

◻️ a dropped waist skirt (if you are a girl of skirts) it can be replaced by a short or a jumpsuit

◻️ 2 coats

◻️ 2 leggins

Shoes and Accessories 

◼️ 1 pair of boots ( or 2 if you want)

◼️ 1 pair of sneakers

◼️ 2 pair of comfy shoes (try to take pairs looking good for a speech)

*heels are not what I’m into for college, maybe a pair of platforms or a pair of sandals

◼️ crocs or bath sandals (this ones are if you will share a community bathroom, let’s try to avoid germs)

◼️ Scarfs, beanies, earrings & collars (take one special and the other ones just normal)

◼️  Two Bags and a purse

◼️ Bathing suits (if you want) and sun glasses

Underwear and Night sleep cloth

🔳 31/30 panties

🔳 31/30 brassieres

🔳 5-7 night sleep cloth (try to take long pants and short pants and normal cotton sweaters; also remember to take proper night sleep clothing according to your state weathers)

So this is the first part of the checklist me and my parents were more worry about to get done. Part 2 will be about electronics, books, personal things, and more.

Hoping this be helpfull;

Vicky M


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