Monologue 1

I’m writing monologues since 10th grade. And here is one I re-named and change a little bit (here  and there). It is about a girl who forgives herself and sets free her heart and her ex lover heart. She finally realizes that feeling free is great and she hopes her ex-lover do great too. Here my monologue 1. I hope you like it.

"I hope you do great"
by: Vicky Miguelena

I'm scared, I really am.
I think I don't sleep enough,
since the other night I saw you with another girl.
But six months later, I see you again. Alone.
You look good with your new hair.
Happy glances all the way.
And then, you wave at me 
You finally say Hi to me
somehow my little me starts feeling free.
I wanted to thank you one more time, 
"Thank You."
I'm really glad.
But  everything has an end,
and "us" won't be together here or there
I just wanted to set your heart free.
Just like the old days of you and me.
I guess what I'm trying to say is 
I hope you do great.
I hope you do fine 
and I wish you the best of all 
No matter what.

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