Monologue 2

Honey Eyes is a short monologue I wrote this year for those honey chocolate eyes. I hope you like it.

“Honey Eyes”

by: Vicky Miguelena

Two thousand sixteen, it is the third night of April
I was walking down the streets to find some vitamin C
And, somehow I found my bliss.
You were there, 
near the corner.
Where I actually saw 
how beautiful your eyes seemed to me.
That sweet honey chocolate color in your eyes…
How speechless you left me...
I swear to God I never felt this way.
Chasing your glaze felt, 
esoteric to me.
A kindle in my lungs appeared.
Lucky me; I found you sitting next to me.
Thank God you said hi to me.
No lie, you seem like a dream.
I think angels sent you to shape the sea.
Honey, your eyes blithe.



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