Monologue 3

Talisman is a word from the vocabulary wordlist of the SAT. I got inspired while studying the 10 wordlist of the prep.  Now, I compare a human soul with it. Read it and tell me if you get the feels. I hope you like it.


By: Vicky Miguelena

Talisman, they say you are a lucky charm.
They understand you as a lifesaver.
But I know you are more than that.
My dear Tali-Tali
Why are you sad?
Everyone wants to get you…
I mean, everyone wants to be you.
Aren’t you acting kind of selfish?
I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother.
But hey, I understand
They only want you because of their needs.
Sounds familiar to me.
I’ve learned to feel great about it...
Sad, Anxious but also shattered.
But Hey, Don’t worry about it.
Once they met you,
Even though you have an aesthetic ten,
They will not forget how awesome you are for them.
My dear Tali-Tali
Those who only took you to please them will throw you away
But those who really took you to know and understand your grace,
Let me tell you they will keep you with them.
They will take care of you
And love you too.
Talisman. How perfect imperfect you are.

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