Monologue 4

You know when stupid lil guys starts saying shit about late nights parties and what they really didn’t do with girls? Well, guys can be stupid ones but girls, don’t ever give them permission to say lies about you. Just have a good time and smile. The rest is all up to you.

To any girl who has been blasphemed. Here’s the monologue 4.


“Bigot Blasphemy”
By: Vicky Miguelena

Hey you,
 I know you feel bad.
But why?
Last night; that wasn’t you right?
Ok. Let’s talk about the other ones.
No? Well what do you want to talk about now?
About the bigot guys?
They are a blasphemy speech from head to toes.
You didn’t do that, right?
I know you didn't.
Tell me they are just bombast teens.
Don't worry I know what you are.
You are not that.
You might be a headstrong little one…
But blatant as it sounds
I know you are star from God skies.
Don’t ever feel ashamed
I know you are not one of those girls they hang with.
But baby, please;
Tell me you will not envenom them
‘Cause you know… they are not worth enough.
Just smile and ignore this shit.
I believe you are the realest chick.


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