Underrated Playlist

Underrated bands and singers you might never heard of , but you probably would like them.

Here’s a playlist of the best underrated songs, bands and singers.


The Neighbourhood💯

1) Sweater weather


3) A little death

4) Single

5) RIP 2 my youth

6) #icanteven


Milk&Bone 👟

1) Coconut Water

2) New York

3) Elephant


Panic! At The Disco📀

1) Nicotine

2) Far to young to die

3) Casual Affair

4) Miss Jackson

5) Don’t Threaten me with a Good time


Chase Atlantic🚢

1) Gravity

2) Talk Slow

3) Friends


Iron& Wine🍷

1) The Sea and the rhythm

2) Flightless Bird

3) Lion’s Mane


Vampire Weekend🌝

1) Step

The Pretty Reckless🌚

1) You

2) Make Me Wanna Die

3) My Medicine

4) Messed Up World



1) idfc

2) Valley Girls

3) 90210


Jony Payne💋

1) Must Have

2) Contemporary Love



1) Karma Tatto


The Irrepresibles✨

1) In this shirt

2) The tide

3) To Be



1) Wait For Me


The Cinematic OrchestrağŸŽ

1) To Build a Home

2) That Home


John Gold⚰

1) Vampire’s kiss


Jacob Whitesides⚗

1) This

1) I know what you did last summer


Gnash ft. Olivia O Brien☠

1) I hate u, I love you


Hope you get to like one of these great great underrated music!!



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