5 Items to start your High-End/Luxury Wardrobe

No, I’m not rich (YET, lol) However, There are opportunities in which I take advantage of the options presented to me. For example, I take advantage of my birthday presents. 

Since my senior high school year, I have begun my luxury wardrobe. And, I always remember what my parent back then told me “You’ll see people wearing Chanel, Hermés, Dolce& Gabanna, and many other luxury designer clothing. But, one thing you should learn is that to get to wear those you must work for it. Besides, it is not the clothes which make a person looks good; it is the person itself who stands out showing their way in the outfit”. So, I’ve always kept that in mind. 

However, I wanted to start my luxury wardrobe and so here I introduce you the five things you need to start it.

  1. Designer sunglasses.

Panama is the country where the sun is the influencer of our outfits. So, my dad bought me a pair of Versace sunglasses; and to be honest I do wear them a lot.


   2. Card Holder or Wallet.

My mom knows I don’t like big wallets, and that I go out the weekends I can. So, she bought me a Kate Spade card holder, and a Coach wristlet wallet (if it’s called like that) to make it easier for me.


   3. An accessory you will really use.

People will tell you to go buy yourself a luxury or a high-end belt such as the now-famous GG Marmont belts. I do have a goal to save money and buy it by myself; however, in the mid time, you can get jewelry that you will really use. For example, in 2014; I got a Swarovski necklace, and it’s that accessory that really improves the outfit.


   4. A small bag or designer shoes.

I prefer bags instead of designer shoes. In 2013, my mom bought me my first high-end bag; my red Kate Spade (since then, I have had others from the same designer). And for my 19 birthday, I got the GG Marmont mini bag.


    5. A little dress or a masterpiece not so expensive.

In the beginning of this year, I got my first a Marc Jacobs maxi dress. I’ve worn it for a photoshoot I did in Colombia, and I will use it for my fall semester. 


And well, this was the basic 5 to start a high-end/ luxurious wardrobe. As you can see, mine is really basic, not a very “premium luxurious wardrobe”, but as the title says, is the beginning of a world of designers and stuff.

Remember, people don’t really care about tags and brands if the person is a complete moron. Your wardrobe won’t define you, but it will boost that confidence you need sometimes.




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