Know the girl behind this:


Victoria, Vicky, Vicks;

that is pretty much how people would call me.

I have always been surrounded by an #ARTSY, dancing and couture world. And, by the time I was graduating High School, I pretty much finished my ballet-competing-season; but I started taking pictures to contrast the feeling of the art my mind and body much needed. So, for holidays I went on a trip to California, and I got inspired to inspire others. That is how this blog actually started. Even though I first began with other purposes on the ig page, I found out in the end what I really wanted to share to the world.

I would like to thank all the people who are interested in the blog, my friends who are always supporting me, my family who keep motivating me to pursue my dreams; and to everyone who supports mini blogs and art.

– VM

A little bit about me;

I am from Panama with a strange mix of cultures from my grandparents.

I danced ballet since I was four years old and also competed until I graduated HighSchool.

I am currently studying abroad in Missouri pursuing a business major.

I like to think I can actually speak a lot of languages, though I just know the basics of other languages besides Spanish and English (’cause I know some Italian and Russian).

And, that is pretty much what I can tell you about myself. Here are some pictures of me, and I hope you enjoy the blog!